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Martial Arts Boxing and MMA Supplies

Suppliers of top quality Martial Arts, MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing training gear as well as Home Fitness equipment and accessories. 


Our Range

Kick Shields & Clappers


Check out our great range of Kick Shields and clappers ideal for Martial Arts and MMA training

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Thai Pads


Training in Muay Thai or Kick Boxing? Look at our range of quality Thai Pads.

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Gloves & Mitts


Our range of Boxing Gloves and Training Mitts for the Boxing and MMA enthusiast

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Focus Mits & Hand Targets


Quality range of Focus Pads and Hand Targets ideal for MMA, Martial Arts and Boxing classes and fitness groups

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Body Target Shields


Aussie Fight n Fit Gear has a great range of Body Shields for more dynamic training in Martial Arts, MMA and Boxing

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Heavy Bags, Speed Balls and Kick Dummies


For the home, gym or Dojang we have a great range of Heavy Bags, speedballs and Free Standing Kicking stations for the MMA and Boxing enthusiast 

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Protective Equipment


Keep yourself safe with our comprehensive range of personal protection gear that will protect you during your Martial Arts, MMA or Boxing training.

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Training Weapons and Aids


Train your class with our range of training knives, guns and batons ideal for Martial Arts and self Defence Training

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Aussie Fight n Fit gears range of Weights and weights benches that will help you muscle up for your MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing training.

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Aerobic Exercise/Yoga


Keep fit and flexible with our range of fitness and yoga accessories for the Martial Arts, MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing enthusiast 

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Gym Equipment


Set up your own gym in class or at home with our range of treadmills, Rowing Machines and other home gym equipment

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Training Wear And Carry Bags


Look the real deal with our range of training clothing and carry bags. We carry a great range of Muay Thai, Boxing and Kick boxing apparel

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